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Xpertpro offers you world-class security camera installation in Canada. We have a professional team of camera installers who provides you with the finest CCTV camera installation service.



XpertPro is among the leading companies in security camera Installation in Canada. We carry out your home or business camera installation perfectly. We install complete camera systems for your home and business.

No credit card is required and pay after the service is complete!

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Frequently asked questions

XPERTPRO partners with preferred vendors based on user experience, system functionality, overall quality, and price. Our preferred camera brand is Google Nest, with HikVision being our preferred CCTV camera brand.

XPERTPRO has licensed and experienced IP camera installers. They will assess your business or home to optimize your safety camera installation. We will then install the CCTV cameras correctly for your home or business.

Installing a security camera system for a home or  business can be overwhelming. Our skilled team of professionals understands this and we take every measure to .

The number of cameras depends on how much coverage you want, your budget, and your personal preference. We consider that every place is unique. If your property has a garage with valuable assets inside, you may place your cameras as follows:

  • One camera at your front door
  • Second at your back door
  • Third dedicated to the garage exterior
  • Fourth, monitoring the assets inside your garage

We accept all forms of payment including credit card, e-transfer, and cash. Your XPERTPRO will collect payment when the installation is complete.